Late Autumn, full of cohesion, we are ready to fight for 2021

Late Autumn, full of cohesion, we are ready to fight for 2021

——Sidelights on the 2020 team building of Zhejiang Hongxin Technology Co., Ltd.

On the afternoon of November 15th, under the leadership of Chairman Wang Wenzhi, 30  cadres of Hongxin Technology drove for two and a half hours to Wenling Shitang for two-day team building. Known as the Cape of Good Hope in the East, Wenling Shitang is the place where the first rays of dawn shine in the new millennium.

This event is going to help everyone relieve daily work pressure, promote their sense of belonging to the company, enhance the cohesion of the core team, and boost morale for challenging 2021 through the four segments of "Happy Sea Fishing", "Being Well-fed and Well-clothed", " Club Ideas and Exertions" and "Greenway Trekking".

During the event, everyone abandoned the troubles of work, immersed in the close embrace of nature and communicated candidly, and went hand in hand with happy mood. Also, they supported and encouraged each other in the swaying of the waves, and experienced the pleasure of "Happy Sea Fishing". Especially in the 5 km "Greenway Trekking", despite lack of exercise, everyone bravely took off their coats and insisted on running the entire course with strong perseverance, showing the courageous spirit spirit of Hongxin. In the " Club Ideas and Exertions" , Chairman Wang Wenzhi recalled his bittersweet memory, looked forward to the future, and inspired everyone to get rich together with his sonorous determination. As the old saying goes, ”An old steed in the stable still aspires to gallop a thousand li-an old hero still cherishes high aspirations. “ Under his leadership, around the goal of "training the muscles and bones externally, strengthening the strength internally", all cadres have broadened their ideas and expressed their opinions, and built the grand blueprint of "Great Hongxin" and "Strong Hongxin", and set up resolute promise -- "only methods for success, no excuses for failure". The crowd in the venue was passionate, and there were enthusiastic speeches, and there was a great momentum of "I want to use 2021 as a ladder to go straight to the sky and pick the stars."

"Believe in yourself, believe in the team", through this team building activity, work pressure was effectively released, work ideas were further clarified, work objectives were clarified, and team combat effectiveness was improved.