Che Jun,Secretary of the provincial Party committee, and his party investigated Hongxin and gave high praise and encouragement

    On the morning of April 21, Che Jun, Secretary of Zhejiang provincial Party committee and director of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial People's Congress, and his party visited Hongxin technology to investigate the resumption of production and market, and to understand the production development and export of enterprises. Chen Jinbiao, member of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang provincial Party committee and secretary general, Feng Fei, executive vice governor of Zhejiang Province, Meng Gang, director of the provincial development and Reform Commission, Xu Xu, director of the Provincial Department of economy and information technology, and Sheng Qiuping, director of the Provincial Department of Commerce, came to Hongxin technology for field investigation. Li Yueqi, Secretary of Taizhou Municipal Party committee, Chen Jianxun, Secretary of Huangyan District Party committee, etc. accompanied the investigation, and Wang Wenzhi, chairman of Hongxin  Technology Co., Ltd., warmly received them.

     Secretary Che and his party first visited the production workshop of Hongxin factory and witnessed the busy and orderly working atmosphere of the workshop. Chairman Wang briefed Secretary Che on the basic situation of the company, focusing on how the company cracked the epidemic to maintain the adverse growth of exports. Chairman Wang pointed out that since the outbreak of the epidemic, Hongxin has always adhered to the prevention and control of the epidemic situation and production and operation, and quickly adopted a series of practical and effective measures, which have achieved remarkable results in epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production. In the most serious month of the epidemic, the company once ushered in the peak of overseas orders delayed or cancelled, and the overall scale of orders declined. Under the adversity, the company made two decisions at the first time, one is to continue to develop new products. During this period, through the introduction of new technologies and the adoption of international development process, the enterprises effectively manage and control the information of each node in the products, and strive to obtain the global "pass" as soon as possible; second, accelerate the development of foreign emerging markets, focus on the gap period of this period, and reserve strength to make up for the lack of foreign markets.


    In the face of the epidemic, Hongxin's domestic and foreign orders still maintained a growth rate of more than 25%, with exports of more than US $3 million. It is estimated that the export sales volume in May will still have a growth rate of more than 10% over the same period of the same period last year, which shows the profound ability of Hongxin brand. Hongxin's ability to complete the task step by step and resume production and market smoothly not only reflects Hongxin's efficient execution and cohesion, but also is the core of Hongxin's upward posture in the continuous downward market environment. It is also inseparable from the strong support and help of departments at all levels in Huangyan District. Mr. Wang is deeply grateful.


    Before leaving, Secretary Che fully affirmed our company's actions and behaviors in the current epidemic situation. He praised Hongxin as an enterprise with "responsibility, responsibility, strategy, measures, confidence and determination". He frequently expressed his hope that our company would continue to make efforts, take effective measures to stabilize exports and seize opportunities, and instructed the provincial development and reform, economic and information technology and urban areas to accompany them Leaders should fully support the development of Hongxin, care about and help solve various problems encountered in the development. We hope that our company will strive to become the "pillar" of the world forging wheel industry while striving to win the overall victory of the epidemic prevention and control war.

    As a leader in the forging industry, Hongxin company has been carrying the vision and hope from all sides since its birth, and the so-called "hundred foot pole" goes further. In the face of secretary Che's affirmation, chairman Wang said that with the spirit of our Zhejiang people and the inherent hard spirit of our Taizhou people, Hongxin will spare no effort to speed up the pace of development, grow braver and braver, and achieve the target plan of an overall growth rate of more than 30% for the whole year, so as to contribute to the revitalization of Zhejiang's economy.